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Maps of the San Diego Area

by Philip J. Erdelsky

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Topographic Maps

USGS topographic maps of San Diego County, some nearby counties and the Lake Tahoe area have been downloaded from public-domain sources, cleaned up and posted here:

These maps are also available on CD-ROM. Just E-mail the webmaster at and provide a mailing address in the United States. The CD-ROMs will be mailed to you.

A few topographic maps of the area in and around Jeannette, Pennsylvania (where I lived many years ago) have also been posted here:

Many of the topographic maps are hard to use because they don't show major highways built after they were last updated. I have modified a few of them by overlaying some of the newer streets and highways. The results have been posted here:

Street Maps

Street maps of San Diego and a few other places have been compiled from USGS topographic maps, US Census Bureau maps, USGS aerial photographs, other public domain sources, and independent surveys.

West La Mesa
The portion of La Mesa, California bounded approximately by 70th St., University Ave., Spring St. and Interstate 8.
Southwest La Mesa
The portion of La Mesa, California bounded approximately by Massachusetts Ave., California Highway 94, Spring St. and University Ave.
Central La Mesa
The portion of La Mesa, California bounded approximately by California Highway 125, Spring St. and Interstate 8.
All of Coronado, California except the central and southern parts of the Silver Strand.

Park Trail Maps

See the Park Trail Maps page for maps of some city, county and state parks and preserves. More are being added from time to time.

Historic Maps

1975 City of San Diego Bikeways Map
Scanned copy of an uncopyrighted map published in 1975 by the Transportation Department of the City of San Diego.


List of Benchmarks in the San Diego Area
A list of some of benchmark disks in the San Diego area, with location information.

Survey Data

Mapping Blog
Records of some of the surveys used to make these maps and others, including raw data. Sort of like a blog.
Latitude and Longitude Conversion
A web page that you can use to convert latitudes and longitudes from the format used on this Web site to a format required by some other Web sites.
Transportation Tracks
Latitudes, longitudes and elevations of roughly equally-spaced points along highways, railroad tracks and bike paths, arranged into .DBF (dBase) tables.
Latitudes and longitudes (but not elevations) of points along county and city boundaries, arranged into .DBF (dBase) tables.

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