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May 18, 2015

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I have posted many maps and other geographic information on this Web site and others. Much of the material has been taken from public domain sources, but some is from independent surveys. I've decided to post information, including field notes, from these surveys.

The surveys were conducted on foot, on a mountain bike, on a road bike, or in an automobile. In most cases, the notes were dictated into a voice recorder and later transcribed. The transcripts contain information not incorporated into my maps, and may be useful to others. They are mostly prose, but some parts, such as latitude and longitude readings, require explanations. Therefore, I have prepared an explanation of my survey methods.

I generally take lots of pictures with my digital camera when surveying. Although I usually don't specifically key the images to the survey, it is often possible to associate the two because the images are always time-stamped and in the order in which they were taken. Most of the pictures are very uninteresting, but some of them, particularly pictures of signs, contain useful survey information. Some might even have artistic value. Therefore, I archive all of them.

I don't post those images on this Web site, mostly for lack of server space, but I do annotate them, and I usually post the annotations. If you want to see some of the images, I can supply them on request. Order by number.

Some users may want to search the text files for information not included in the titles. You can do this with search engines such as Google, but it is advisable to include the phrase to limit the search to this Web site.

Philip J. Erdelsky