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Transportation Tracks

October 8, 2017

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Since acquiring an improved GPS, I have been surveying highways, train routes, bike paths and hiking trails, merely by carrying the GPS while driving, riding or walking the route. The GPS is set to take a latitude and longitude reading at intervals of 0.1 mile for highways and 0.02 mile for trails, which is adequate for most mapping applications. For more recent surveys, intervals of 0.02 miles are used in all cases. Some bike and hiking paths were surveyed manually, with appropriately spaced waypoints. In some cases, additional points were inserted into highway tracks near tight curves.

On each trip, I recorded points of interest, particularly the beginning and end of the route and stations (for railroads) or interchanges (for highways), as waypoints. These are embedded into the tracks at the proper locations with suitable comments.

Latitude and longitude are given to the nearest 0.000001 degree, which is less than one foot, but the measurements were obviously not that accurate. Since freeway interchanges can be rather large, the coordinates of interchanges are even less accurate.

After much processing, the results were packed into simple database tables in .DBF (dBase) format. Tables in this format can be imported into most database applications. The fields are as follows:

     name       type       width   decimal  description
     ---------  ---------  ------  -------  -----------------------------------------
     SERIAL     Numeric    3 or 4     0     record number (1 is first)
     LATITUDE   Numeric     11        6     latitude in degrees (north is positive)
     LONGITUDE  Numeric     11        6     longitude in degrees (east is positive)
     ELEVATION  Numeric      5        0     elevation in feet
     DISTANCE   Numeric      6        2     distance in miles from beginning of track
     COMMENT    Character   64              comment for embedded waypoint

Generally, each table is in south-to-north or west-to-east order, even if the route was driven or ridden in the opposite direction. There are two exceptions.One exception is California Highway 54, whose eastbound and westbound lanes between I-5 and I-805 are separated by the Sweetwater River. The westbound lanes in this area were surveyed separately. However, the points are listed in west-to-east order even in this case. Highway I-8 has some widely separated eastbound and westbound lanes in the mountains, so the westbound lanes are listed separately east of E. Willows Rd. A table for a hiking trail generally starts at the trailhead.

County highways are incompletely signed in some places. They often bear several street names, and it is not always clear where the names change. In some cases, it is not even clear where a county highway begins or ends.

California Highway 188 was surveyed in both directions, and then the points were merged.

Points listed as "US-MEXICO BORDER" are actually some distance north of the border.

Tracks are available for the following routes:

\ The term "hiking trails" includes equestrian and mountain biking trails and dirt roads that are not open to motor vehicle use (except for emergency and maintenance vehicles).

Trolley and rail lines:
BLUE.DBF San Diego Trolley Blue Line
GREEN.DBF San Diego Trolley Green Line
ORANGE.DBF San Diego Trolley Orange Line

Interstate highways:
I5.DBF Interstate Highway 5 (San Diego County only)
I8E.DBF Interstate Highway 8 eastbound to Ocotillo
I8W.DBF Interstate Highway 8 westbound east of E Willows Rd to Ocotillo
I15.DBF California Highway 15 / Interstate Highway 15 (San Diego County only)
I805.DBF Interstate Highway 805

California highways:
C52.DBF California Highway 52
C54E.DBF California Highway 54 eastbound
C54W.DBF California Highway 54 westbound between I-5 and I-805
C56.DBF Carmel Valley Rd., California Highway 56, Ted Williams Pkwy.
C67.DBF California Highway 67
C75.DBF California Highway 75
C76.DBF California Highway 76
C78.DBF California Highway 78 (as far east as California Highway 86)
C79.DBF California Highway 79 (as far north as Interstate Highway 15)
C94.DBF California Highway 94
C125.DBF California Highway 125
C163.DBF California Highway 163
C188.DBF California Highway 188
C905.DBF California Highway 905

County highways:
S1.DBF County Highway S1
S2.DBF County Highway S2
S3.DBF County Highway S3 (Yaqui Pass Rd)
S4.DBF County Highway S4
S5.DBF County Highway S5
S6E.DBF County Highway S6 (eastbound)
S6W.DBF County Highway S6 (westbound from Hickory St to Tulip St)
S7.DBF County Highway S7
S8.DBF County Highway S8
S9.DBF County Highway S9
S10.DBF County Highway S10 (Leucadia Boulevard, Olivenhain Rd, Rancho Santa Fe Rd)
S11.DBF County Highway S11 (El Camino Real)
S12.DBF County Highway S12 (names)
S13S.DBF County Highway S13 (southern segment) (Vista Village Dr, Vista Way)
S13N.DBF County Highway S13 (northern segment) (Mission Rd)
S14.DBF County Highway S14 (names)
S15.DBF County Highway S15 (names)
S16.DBF County Highway S16 (Pala Temecula Rd, Pechanga Pkwy)
S17.DBF County Highway S17 (via Worthington St and Paradise Valley Rd)
S21.DBF County Highway S21 (Coast Highway 101)
S22.DBF County Highway S22

Major named roads:
AMRD.DBF Archie Moore Road
AVIARA.DBF Aviara Parkway
C274.DBF Balboa Avenue (formerly California Highway 274)
BVPKWY.DBF Bear Valley Parkway
BCDR.DBF Bernardo Center Drive
BMRD.DBF Black Mountain Road
BOBIER.DBF Bobier Drive
BORDEN.DBF Borden Road
CDNORTE.DBF Camino Del Norte
CDSUR.DBF Camino Del Sur
CRSV.DBF Campo Road (Spring Valley)
CANNON2.DBF Cannon Road (eastern segment)
CANNON1.DBF Cannon Road (western segment)
CVDR.DBF Carlsbad Village Drive
CMRDE.DBF Carmel Mountain Road (eastern segment)
CMRDW.DBF Carmel Mountain Road (western segment)
CVRE.DBF Carmel Valley Road (eastern segment)
CCRE.DBF Carroll Canyon Road (eastern segment)
CCRW.DBF Carroll Canyon Road (western segment)
CHASE.DBF Chase Avenue (El Cajon)
CMBLVD.DBF Clairemont Mesa Boulevard
COLLEGE2.DBFCollege Boulevard (northern segment)
COLLEGE1.DBFCollege Boulevard (southern segment)
DOUGLAS.DBF Douglas Drive (Oceanside)
DYERD.DBF Dye Road, Ramona Street, Warnock Drive
EASTLAKE.DBFEastlake Parkway
ECB2.DBF El Cajon Boulevard (El Cajon)
ECB1.DBF El Cajon Boulevard (San Diego and La Mesa)
ELNORTE.DBF El Norte Parkway
FARADAY.DBF Faraday Avenue
FMGW.DBF Friars Rd, Mission Gorge Rd. and Woodside Ave. (names)
GENESEE.DBF Genesee Avenue
GHILLS.DBF Granite Hills Drive
HERITAGN.DBFHeritage Road (northern portion)
HVRD.DBF Highland Valley Road
HSRD.DBF Honey Springs Road
HUNTE.DBF Hunte Parkway
JSTCV.DBF J Street (Chula Vista)
JAPATUL.DBF Japatul Road
OLRD.DBF L Street, Telegraph Canyon Road, Otay Lakes Road
LCAVE.DBF La Costa Avenue
LJVDR.DBF La Jolla Village Drive
LAMEDIAN.DBFLa Media Road (northern portion)
LAKEBLVD.DBFLake Boulevard (Oceanside)
LWRD.DBF Lake Wohlford Road
LUSK.DBF Lusk Boulevard
LYONSV.DBF Lyons Valley Road
MAINB8.DBF Main Street, Highway 8 Business
MASTBLVD.DBFMast Boulevard (western segment)
MELROSE2.DBFMelrose Drive (northern segment)
MELROSE1.DBFMelrose Drive (southern segment)
MMBLVD.DBF Mira Mesa Boulevard
MIRAMAR.DBF Miramar Road
OBLVD.DBF Oceanside Boulevard
U395.DBF Old Highway 395 (names)
OLD80A.DBF Olde Highway 80 (west of Alpine)
OLYMPIC.DBF Olympic Parkway
ORAVE.DBF Orange Avenue (Chula Vista)
OTAYLRX.DBF Otay Lakes Road (Telegraph Canyon Road to Bonita Road)
PALOMAR.DBF Palomar Street (Chula Vista)
PRANCHER.DBFPaseo Ranchero
POINLN2.DBF Poinsettia Lane (eastern segment)
POINLN1.DBF Poinsettia Lane (western segment)
QUAIL.DBF Quail Gardens Drive, Quail Hollow Drive
RBRD.DBF Rancho Bernardo Road
RCDR.DBF Rancho Carmel Drive
SSPKWY.DBF Sabre Springs Parkway
SDRD.DBF San Dieguito Road
SELIJO2.DBF San Elijo Road (Southbound segment in San Elijo Hills)
SELIJO1.DBF San Elijo Road and Twin Oaks Valley Road
SLDR.DBF Scripps Lake Drive
SPPKWY.DBF Scripps Poway Parkway
SRBLVD.DBF Scripps Ranch Boulevard
STT.DBF Skyline Truck Trail
SVRD.DBF Sorrento Valley Road
SSBLVD.DBF Sweetwater Springs Bouelvard
TAMARACK.DBFTamarack Avenue
TAVERNRD.DBFTavern Road (Alpine)
TWPKWY.DBF Ted Williams Parkway
TPRD.DBF Twin Peaks Road
VRPKWY.DBF Via Rancho Parkway
WASHAVE.DBF Washington Avenue (El Cajon)
WASHST.DBF Washington Street (San Diego)
WBDR.DBF West Bernardo Drive
WCRD.DBF Wildcat Canyon Road
WGLENDR.DBF Willow Glen Drive (Rancho San Diego)

Minor named roads:
BEETHOVE.DBFBeethoven Drive
BHPKWY.DBF Bernardo Heights Parkway
BOAKSDR.DBF Bernardo Oaks Drive
BTRAILSD.DBFBernardo Trails Drive
BWINE.DBF Brandywine Avenue
CSB.DBF Camino San Bernardo
CAMINOVR.DBFCamino Vida Roble
COMMUNRD.DBFCommunity Road (Poway)
CCTRL.DBF Corral Canyon Trail (formerly Morena Stokes Valley Road)
COUSER.DBF Couser Canyon Road
COYCREEK.DBFCoyote Creek Trail
CCPDR.DBF Cypress Canyon Park Drive
CCRD.DBF Cypress Canyon Road
DELPON.DBF Del Poniente Road
DELVINO.DBF Del Vino Court
DPEAK.DBF Double Peak Road
DCRD.DBF Dove Canyon Road
DUENDA.DBF Duenda Road
FLANDERS.DBFFlanders Drive
FOOTHILL.DBFFoothill Drive (Vista)
FUERTE.DBF Fuerte Drive
GABARDA.DBF Gabarda Road
GARDENRD.DBFGarden Road (Poway)
GATEDR.DBF Gate Drive (Poway)
GOLDCOAS.DBFGold Coast Drive
GCRD.DBF Gopher Canyon Road
GREENSE.DBF Greens East Road
HARBISON.DBFHarbison Canyon Road
HIGHVRD.DBF High Valley Road
HILLSD.DBF Hillsdale Road
HOLLISTE.DBFHollister Street
KENWOOD.DBF Kenwood Drive
LAKECR.DBF Lake Crest Drive (Chula Vista)
LAWSONVN.DBFLawson Valley Road (northern segment)
LAWSONVS.DBFLawson Valley Road (southern segment)
LEMONAVE.DBFLemon Avenue (La Mesa)
LGCRD.DBF Little Gopher Canyon Road
TERRINIT.DBFLos Terrinitos Road
MARINAP.DBF Marina Parkway (Chula Vista)
MARKAR.DBF Markar Road
MATINAL.DBF Matinal Road
MEDCEN.DBF Medical Center Drive
MESADR.DBF Mesa Drive (Oceanside)
MIDLAND.DBF Midland Road (Poway)
MIRASOL.DBF Mirasol Drive
MONTEIL.DBF Monteil Truck Trail
MONTONGO.DBFMontongo Street
MMROAD.DBF Mountain Meadow Road
MVRFD.DBF Mountain View Road / Frances Drive
MUSSEYGR.DBFMussey Grade Road
NEREIS.DBF Nereis Drive
NEWSALEM.DBFNew Salem Street
OAKVALE.DBF Oakvale Road
OLDJHWY.DBF Old Julian Highway
ORRD.DBF Old River Road
OLEANDER.DBFOleander Avenue
PDR.DBF Paseo Del Rey
PDVERANO.DBFPaseo Del Verano & N Paseo Del Verano
PLADERA.DBF Paseo Ladera
POBLADO.DBF Poblado Road
POLVERAA.DBFPolvera Avenue
PVRD2.DBF Proctor Valley Road (eastern segment)
PVRD1.DBF Proctor Valley Road (western segment)
REGENTS.DBF Regents Road (southern segment)
RIVDESCA.DBFRiverside Drive (Descanso)
RUNDEER.DBF Running Deer Trail
SEQUANTT.DBFSequan Truck Trail
SRIDGE.DBF Shadowridge Drive
SINTOTE.DBF Sintote Drive
SGRADERD.DBFSouth Grade Road (Alpine)
SOAKRD.DBF Southern Oak Road
SPLITMTN.DBFSplit Mountain Road
STEELE.DBF Steele Canyon Road
SBPKWY.DBF Stonebridge Parkway
SMROAD.DBF Stonewall Mine Road
SYCAMORE.DBFSycamore Avenue (Vista)
SCRD.DBF Sycamore Canyon Road
3RDSTRAM.DBFThird Street (Ramona)
TOVRD.DBF Twin Oaks Valley Road (northern segment)
VICTDR.DBF Victoria Drive (Alpine)
VIEJASBL.DBFViejas Boulevard
VIEJASGR.DBFViejas Grade Road
VRRD.DBF Village Ridge Road
VVDR.DBF Vista Valley Drive
WCANYON.DBF Wild Canyon Drive (San Elijo Hills)
WGLENLN.DBF Wildwood Glen Lane
WUESTE.DBF Wueste Road

Bike paths:
ALISOCRK.DBFAliso Creek Bike Path
CKBP.DBF Cara Knott Bike Path
CRTBP.DBF Carlsbad Rail Trail Bike Path
ECBP.DBF El Capitan Bike Path
FJSTR.DBF Fr. Junipero Serra Trail, including bike path
GSBP.DBF Gordie Shields Bike Path
C52BP.DBF Highway 52 Bike Path
LAKEMIRA.DBFLake Miramar (counter-clockwise)
MCBP.DBF MacKenzie Creek Bike Path
MCANBP.DBF Murphy Canyon Bike Path
PCHBP.DBF Pacific Coast Highway Bike Path
ROSECANY.DBFRose Canyon Bike Path
ROSECREE.DBFRose Creek Bike Path
SDRSBP.DBF San Diego River Santee Bike Path
SJCBP.DBF San Juan Creek Bike Path
SOBP.DBF San Onofre Bike Path
SRBP.DBF Sweetwater River Bike Path
SVBP.DBF Sorrento Valley Bike Path
TBP.DBF Trestles Bike Path
WARDCANY.DBFWard Canyon Bike Path

Hiking Trails:
BATTLEMT.DBFBattle Mountain Trail
BMSTRL.DBF Bernardo Mountain Summit Trail
BIGROCK.DBF Big Rock Trail (Cowles Mountain)
BLKOAKE.DBF Black Oak Trail (East)
BLKOAKW.DBF Black Oak Trail (West)
COLDSPRI.DBFCold Spring Trail
EPRTRAIL.DBFEagle Peak Road Trail
GMTRL.DBF Guatay Mountain Trail
HILLTR.DBF Hill Trail in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
CABALLOS.DBFLos Caballos Trail in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
MAPLECAN.DBFMaple Canyon Trail
MINSHALL.DBFMarty Minshall Trail
MESATRL.DBF Mesa Trail (Cowles Mountain)
PCTKCF.DBF Pacific Crest Trail from Old Highway 80 to Kitchen Creek Road
PCTRL.DBF Playa Catalina Trail
QLTRL.DBF Quarry Loop Trail
SCFR.DBF Stonewall Creek Fire Road
SMTRAIL.DBF Stonewall Mine (Horse) Trail
STONEPK.DBF Stonewall Peak Trail
SGRPINE.DBF Sugar Pine Trail
TORRETTO.DBFTorretto Outlook Trail
UDCTRL.DBF Upper Descanso Creek Trail
VMTRAIL.DBF Viejas Mountain Trail
VERNWHIT.DBFVern Whitaker Trail
WHNT.DBF Wooded Hill Nature Trail

Philip J. Erdelsky