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Latitude and Longitude Conversion

January 12, 2012

Latitude and longitude is shown by many GPS units in a form such as N 32° 44.910' W 117° 7.810'. The degree sign (°) and the minute sign (') may or may not be present.

Many Web sites, including Google Maps, will accept latitude and longitude in this form. However, some Web sites, such as MapQuest, require an equivalent form 32.74850, -117.13017, in which the minutes are replaced by fractions of degrees, the latitude is positive north of the equator and negative south of it, and the longitude is positive east of the prime meridian and negative west of it. Notice that the latitude comes first in either form.

This Web page converts the first form to the second form, or the second form to the first form. Just type (or paste) the latitude and longitude into the "Input" text box and click the "Convert" button.

The calculations are performed by Javascript code embedded in this page. You can download the page to your own computer and execute it offline. It should work the same way there.

First Form to Second Form

Input (e.g. N 32 44.910 W 117 7.810):


Second Form to First Form

Input (e.g. 32.74850, -117.13017):