Surveys of Hollenbeck Canyon

October 9, 2012

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On October 9, 2012, I rode my mountain bike around the main loop trail at Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area. I had previously surveyed and mapped this area on December 9, 2003 and January 23, 2004. My map needed an update, and I wanted to prepare for an upcoming hike on October 27, 2012.

The precise coordinates of the parking area on Honey Springs Road near California Highway 79 are N 32 40.237 W 116 49.373.

A social trail paralleling the old California Riding & Hiking Trail offers what appears to be a better route for hikers. It is not suitable for mountain biking, so I didn't survey it this time.

The loop trail has been more extensively signed, and it has been signed in both directions. Blue arrows mark the trail in the counterclockwise direction, and orange arrows mark the trail in the clockwise direction.

I found a fairly well-beaten connection to the south end of Merced Place in Rancho Jamul Estates. This is apparently not a formal trailhead, because Rancho Jamul Estates is a gated community with private streets.

There is apparently no trail, not even a crude social trail, to the summit of Jamul Butte. However, the butte lies inside Hollenbeck Wildlife Area, so I wouldn't be surprised if hikers eventually beat a path to the top, as they have done with other peaks in San Diego County.

The earlier surveys were done with an older GPS that determined latitude and longitude only to the nearest 1/100 minute. The 2012 survey was done to the nearest 1/1000 minute, but only trail junctions and new or modified trails were resurveyed.

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Philip J. Erdelsky