Surveys at Iron Mountain and Camino Ruiz Park

October 4, 2012

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On October 4, 2012, I did a little hiking at Iron Mountain to survey a trail that didn't exist when I last surveyed the area. Then I went over to Camino Ruiz Neighborhood Park in Mira Mesa to survey a trail that I found to be closed the last time I tried to survey it.

The trailhead for Iron Mountain Peak Trail at the parking area on Highway 67 at Poway Rd. is at N 32 58.698 W 116 58.355.

The Mira Mesa topo is out of date and does not show Camino Ruiz Neighborhood Park or the streets near it.

There is a path around the periphery of Camino Ruiz Neighborhood Park which is scenic and informative, with many interpretive plaques. Despite the word "neighborhood" in its name, the park is full-service, with parking, rest rooms, drinking fountains, a playground, an athletic field, and even a cell phone tower disguised as a tree.

The trail down to to Peñasquitos Canyon is clearly signed -- you'll see the sign as soon as you enter the park. It's at N 32 56.0 W 117 8.754.

The trail is quite narrow, with a few fairly steep parts and some low overhanging branches. Bicycles are allowed on it, but I wouldn't ride my mountain bike on it. I met a runner on the trail, and there was barely enough room for us to pass.

The trail runs mainly through chaparral, but it is on a north-facing slope, so it is reasonably shaded at midday.

The trail ends on the main South Trail in Peñasquitos Canyon at N 32 56.153 W 117 9.091.

The trailhead is at

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