Survey of Trail in Eagle Peak Preserve

March 10, 2012

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On March 10, 2012, I participated in a trail maintenance project at Eagle Peak Preserve sponsored by the San Diego River Park Foundation and the San Diego Mountain Biking Association.

Here are directions to the Preserve from the foundation Web site:

The Preserve is located on Eagle Peak Road. To get there,

There is no trail map on the Web site, but a crude map was posted at the first parking area (at N 33 0.705 W 116 42.756). A photograph of the map is included in this writeup.

We worked on the Historic Trail. On the way back, I noted what appeared to be the Pond Trail, but I could not find the Two Sons Trail. It may still be in the planning stages.

The Historic Trail was once the main road to Julian.

The second parking area is at N 33 0.510 W 116 42.73.

After the trail maintenance project, I surveyed Eagle Peak Road as far as Boulder Creek Road.

The Historic Trail is on the USGS topographic map as a "jeep trail".

Transcript of survey.
Image annotations.
Data plotted on topo
Photograph of posted trail map

Philip J. Erdelsky