Survey of Trail up Mother Miguel Mountain

March 5, 2012

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On March 5, 2012, I participated in a hike from the Eastlake district of Chula Vista to the summit of Mother Miguel Mountain sponsored by the Take a Hike group on

The trail appears to be an unofficial "social" trail, but much of it is fairly good, with enough switchbacks to avoid extremely steep slopes.

A surprise at the summit is a sizable rock pile and a peculiar maze-like structure made of piled rocks.

The route followed was the same as the route previously followed to Mt. Miguel on February 6 (see 20120206.htm), as far as the trail junction at . The survey begins where we turned off to follow the trail to Mother Miguel Mountain.

The lower "trailhead" is on the north side of Proctor Valley Road at N 32 39.754 W 116 56.873. The summit of Mother Miguel Mountain is at N 32 41.085 W 116 57.828.

After the hike, I located an alternate trailhead on Butterfly Way (Thomas 1311 J1). A power line access road begins there and crosses the trail to Mt. Miguel and Mother Miguel Mountain. Street parking is available on Butterfly Way.

At the summit, we met a mountain biker who had ridden up from Mount San Miguel Community Park. After the hike, I checked out the park. I saw some trails, but the route to Mother Miguel Mountain was not obvious. I plotted the location on the topo, but the topo is out of date and does not show streets in that area.

Transcript of survey.
Image annotations.
Data plotted on topo (including Feb. 6 data)

Philip J. Erdelsky