Survey of Rancho Mission Canyon

November 30, 2010

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On November 23, 2010, I rode my hybrid bike to the Navajo area (Thomas 1250 D3) to check out a "bike path" that I had been told about but had never seen. I surveyed it, named it the Hemingway Bike Path, because it runs from Hemingway Dr. to Hemingway Ave., and added it to my list of red routes in San Diego County. I noticed an unpaved path from the end of Hemingway Dr., but did not follow it at that time.

On November 30, 2010, I returned on my mountain bike and explored the path, which runs through the Rancho Mission Canyon Open Space to the Rancho Mission Canyon Park. It is not the only trail in the open space; I may return to explore the others in due course.

Transcript of survey.
Image annotations.
Data plotted on topo
Trail Map

Philip J. Erdelsky