Survey of Felicita County Park

September 16, 2010

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I surveyed the trails, such as they are, of Felicita County Park. A trail map downloaded from the county Web site wasn't much help. It was not to scale and I couldn't find some of the trails. I rode my mountain bike, although for a park this small I could have done the survey on foot.

The best places for hiking in the park are the trails along Felicita Creek south of the access road.

An old, abandoned paved road, probably a previous alighment of Felicita Road, runs south from the access road near the entrance booth and comes very close to joining Felicita Road at the south end of the park, where there is a gap in the fence big enough for pedestrians and mountain bikers to enter or leave the park.

After surveying the park, I rode south to check out possible access points to Bernardo Mountain. It appears that mountain bikers can get access from Bernardo Mountain Road. You can't park on the road, but you can park at Felicita Park and ride to it as I did.

There is a $3 daily charge for parking at Felicita Park. Street parking is generally not available in the area. A parking permit must be purchased from a vending machine near the entrance and displayed on the dashboard. Oddly enough, the permit had the name "Cuesta College" on it.

Transcript of survey.
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Parking permit

Philip J. Erdelsky