Survey of Fishhead and Shaw Valley Trails

June 22, 2009

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The hills south of Carmel Valley (Del Mar Mesa, Shaw Ridge, and Carmel Mountain) are being developed, but a large area, called Carmel Mountain Preserve, is being left undeveloped. It contains quite a few trails, some under construction. I set out to follow one trail, the Shaw Valley Trail, which I had noticed years earlier when surveying the Trans County Trail (Sea to Sea Trail). However, I also chanced upon a few other trails.

Shaw Valley Trail currently peters out where it passes under Carmel Country Road, which is still under construction. It is unclear whether it will be connected to the Trans County Trail or other trails in Peñasquitos Preserve.

This area still isn't ready for prime time, but it will be in a few years, if all goes well.

Transcript of survey.
Image annotations.
Data plotted on topo
Carmel Mountain Trail Map.

Philip J. Erdelsky