Survey of Quarry Road Bike Path

November 8, 2008

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When the interchange between Highway 125 and Highway 54 was built, a portion of Quarry Road was closed, effectively blocking direct bicycle travel between Bonita and La Presa. A detour along Briarwood Road was hilly and circuitous. In 2008 the interchange was finished, and most of Quarry Road was reopened as a bicycle, pedestrian and equestrian path.

On November 8, 2008, I participated in an Outdoors Club mountain bike ride in this area. I arrived early, and took the opportunity to explore the new path.

Since Quarry Road is shown quite clearly on the 2009 Thomas Guide, I never plotted the data, but the photographs should be of some interest.

Transcript of survey.
Image annotations.

Philip J. Erdelsky