Survey of Clevenger Canyon Trail

September 18, 2008

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I led an Outdoors Club hike along the trail up the south side of Clevenger Canyon on September 18, 2008. Only two members participated in the hike.

We hiked all the way to the top. The area seems to have recovered fairly well from the 2007 fires, but there are quite a few charred signs on the trail. There are enough surviving or restored signs to make the trail fairly easy to follow. A footbridge across a small stream has not been replaced, but it is easy enough to cross when the stream is dry. Somebody mounted two chairs on a boulder near the summit, and quite near the trail. The date 6/22/05 was embossed on the concrete bases, so I presume the chairs survived the fires. We returned to the parking area about noon. The trail sign shown on the Outdoors Club announcement must have been burned in 2007. It was nowhere to be found. A similar sign at the Clevenger Canyon North trailhead is still present.

I didn't do very much surveying on this hike. I surveyed only what I may have missed on previous hikes in the area. It is not feasible to plot the data on a topo unless it is combined with previous surveys.

After the hike, I checked out part of a trail from San Diego Country Estates to the San Diego River, and also the trailhead on Wildcat Canyon Rd. for the El Capitan Open Space Preserve.

Transcript of survey.
Image annotations.

Philip J. Erdelsky